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Slash your shipping costs with ShareShipper

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ShareShipper will allow shippers to search, share and discover routes, matching source and destinations based on shipment with other shippers.

Green world

ShareShipper hopes that we all can be a part of saving the world by saving space and lowering air pollution

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ShareShipper platform is secured and closed, open for platform use only. This means your data is safe and protected!

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ShareShipper will help and assist you throughout your shipping transit time!

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ShareShipper can ship worldwild to service your shipping needs while providing highest levels in service!

Building a network

ShareShipper helps you to connect and network with all shipping industry parties!

Who are we?

ShareShipper is a cutting-edge social shipping platform that allows you to share shipping costs and streamline the process of transportation by container sharing with others.

With ShareShipper, you substantially reduce the cost of international sea freight. We put an emphasis on transparency, fast and efficient service while developing innovative cost-effective logistics solutions. ShareShipper provides convenient features with familiar user experience allowing for effortless online shipping.

For the first time through ShareShipper, you can have access to endless other shippers that may be your perfect cost cutting match

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Hey, my name is Yifat and I sent my goods with ShareShipper. During the process, I saw I can save money and time. No doubt I will be used that site again!

Yifat Meltzer Procurement Manager, Agricel Industries

Nice to see a good platform that came to save us money. ShareShipper does exactly what I need for my business.

Ariel Cohen Food importer

As a private trader online, and with customers in few different places around the world, I suffer a lot from handling shipping cost and logistic. Now I can be sure that I'm getting the best deal for my cargo

Natan Yeroshlmi Online dealer

ShareShipper is here for…

Importers & Exporters

Saving you up to 50% by sharing sea-freight and land transportation costs!!


Access the market you’ve been searching for easily and grow with us!!

Shipping Carriers

Finally, a way to fill your allocation with a large-scale market reach!!

Partial Shipments

No more overpriced freight costs for your less container load shipments!!

We help people and container find each other

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